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Letter to Members

NAFTA helped corporations outsource one million middle-class American jobs and grab $390,000,000 in taxpayer funds by attacking U.S., Mexican and Canadian laws before tribunals of corporate lawyers.

The terms of this massive corporate power grab are now being renegotiated, with talks scheduled December 11th-16th in Washington, D.C.

NAFTA must be replaced with a new deal that puts people and the planet before corporations.
But a mighty corporate coalition wants NAFTA 2.0 to revive the worst elements of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. You can make the difference.


Help #ReplaceNAFTA using social media – join this Thunderclap and rock Congress.

NAFTA renegotiation's are happening behind closed doors with 500 corporate advisors granted special access and the public locked out.


The corporations are fighting to preserve the special powers in NAFTA that make it easier for CEOs and companies to outsource jobs to Mexico and to attack our laws before panels of corporate lawyers who can order unlimited payments of our tax dollars to foreign corporations.


NAFTA lacks enforceable labor and environmental standards so companies can move U.S. jobs to Mexico to pay workers poverty wages, dump toxins and then import those products back to the U.S. for sale. Workers in Mexico and the U.S. lose while corporate profits soar.


Since NAFTA, Mexico’s already low wages are down 9 percent and U.S. wages are flat, while the price of everything has risen. Unless we rewrite NAFTA, NAFTA will keep giving the green light to corporations to outsource American jobs, pushing down wages.

That’s why on December 13
th, a nationwide coalition of labor, environmental, consumer, faith and farm groups are holding a #ReplaceNAFTA Call-in Day urging Congress to demand that NAFTA renegotiations put people ahead of corporations by:


  • including labor, environmental and climate provisions with swift and certain enforcement of fundamental international standards to raise wages for all workers and protect the planet, and

  • removing NAFTA’s investor protections that promote job outsourcing.


Help promote the #ReplaceNAFTA Call-in Day over Facebook, Twitter and other social media with Thunderclap.


Thunderclap is a tool that allows thousands of people to sign up so that a message is sent from their social media platforms at a set date and time. The corporations have millions to spend getting their message out. We the people can beat them by harnessing the networks we already have to get the word out.


Just follow the easy instructions and Thunderclap will automatically send a message you approve on your chosen social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr) promoting the #ReplaceNAFTA Call-in Day on December 13th.


Join the Thunderclap now.

PS: We will be following up with an email on the day of the action as well!

Also on December 13th, #ReplaceNAFTA Presser/Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders: Sen. Sanders office has confirmed 11:00am ET for the event but we are waiting for final confirmation on the room in the Senate. Those looking to take part as an individual or as a group or organization please feel free to message us as soon as possible so we can coordinate things.

Thank you for all you do.Solidarity Forever!

Mark Apollo
O.W.S. Special Projects Affinity Group

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